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For Symphony 2.5+. Files in the Workspace folder can be managed and edited.

Cacheable Datasource2.1.1r

Improve page performance by caching data source output XML.

Association Output1.2.0d

Inline XML

Multilingual oEmbed Field1.0.2r

A multilingual version of the oembed_field extension Easily embed videos/images from ANY* website that implements the oEmbed format. See and

Just In Time (JIT) Image Manipulation1.43r

Image thumbnailer

Field: Entry Relationship1.0.3r

A new way to create master-details (parent -> children) relationships with Symphony's sections.

Field: Image Upload1.6.1r

A specialized filed for uploading images with min width/height and maximum width/height restrictions.

Image Preview2.3.1r

Replaces the textual link to the image with the real image

Google Analytics Dashboard1.0.1r

Google Analytics dashboard for Symphony CMS.


Provide a Dashboard summary screen with configurable panels

Workspace Manager C0.1.0d

For Symphony 3. Files in the Workspace folder can be managed and edited.

URL Connector0.1.1r

Allows URLs to be mapped to pages with optional parameter testing. Also performs URL redirection.


Commands to expose CRON like functionality via the Symphony Shell extension.

Paged Textarea Field0.1.0e

Textarea field which allows content to be split into pages.

Association UI: Selector1.2.1d

Search and select associated entries