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Unique Index Field1.2.1r

A field to define unique index fields for a section.

Date and Time3.8.0r

Date and time management for Symphony

Frontend Localisation2.7.3r

Offers an integrated solution to localise the Frontend of your site and more...

Debug Devkit1.3.4r

The Debug Devkit allows a developer to preview the XML of a Frontend page. It also includes the page parameters, included XSL templates and provides a navigation for other Devkit extensions (such as the Profile Devkit)

Fields: System Dates1.2.2r

Exposes the internal creation and modification dates of an entry (read-only) in the format of a normal date field.

Field: Multilingual oEmbed1.1.0r

A multilingual version of the oembed_field extension Easily embed videos/images from ANY* website that implements the oEmbed format. See and

Select Box Link Field2.0.1r

Linking two sections together

Language: Spanish1.0.1r

Spanish translation for Symphony

peterfleckpeterfleck1 extension
Content Type Mappings1.6.3r

Configure additional page MIME types

SimpleMDE Markdown Editor0.4r

Add SimpleMDE Markdown Editor to markdown enabled fields.


Track user and system activity

Language: German2.2.6b

German translation for Symphony

Association Field2.0.1d

Linking entries between two sections

Field: Multilingual File Upload2.0.3r

Multilingual version of the classic Upload Field.

Field: Multilingual Text Box3.5.11r

The multilingual version of Textbox field.