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Symphony has been a Github user since 21 October 2010 and has released 83 extensions.

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Cacheable Datasource2.3.2r

Improve page performance by caching data source output XML.

Time Field2.0.1r

A field for hours, minutes, and seconds; filterable by value or range.

Fields: System Dates1.2.2r

Exposes the internal creation and modification dates of an entry (read-only) in the format of a normal date field.

Content Type Mappings1.6.3r

Configure additional page MIME types


Track user and system activity

Association Field2.0.1d

Linking entries between two sections

Enhanced Tag List field1.4.1r

Taglist with additional options

Text Box2.7.0r

The Text Box field is a replacement for both the standard text input and textarea fields. It combines both to create a field that supports text formatting and validation rules.

Reflection Field2.0.2r

Populate this field's value using values from other fields in the same entry. Uses XPath and optionally XSLT.


Simple frontend output caching with CacheLite.

Search Index0.9.5r

Index text content of entries for efficient fulltext search.

Multi Upload Field1.6.1r

Allows multiple files to be uploaded to the same field.


Provide a Dashboard summary screen with configurable panels

XML Field1.4.2r

A textarea field that only accepts valid XML

XML Importer3.0.0r

From XML to entries in an instant

Map Location Field3.4.2r

Plot locations on a Google Map. Supports address geocoding.

Editor for Symphony1.0.0r

Adds Editor, the markdown editor by Hsiaoming Yang (, to every markdown textarea field on every entry page.

PayPal Payments1.2r

Process and log transactions

Order Entries2.3.7r

Allow drag-and-drop re-ordering of entries.

Pages Field1.8.2r

Easily related entries to pages