1.3.0releasedTextformatter: Textile

The superior text formatter.

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Textile Text Formatter for Symphony CMS

This extension provides Textile formatting for fields.


Format text using Textile syntax.

Installation & Updating

Information about installing and updating extensions can be found in the Symphony documentation.

  1. Clone/Download this repo.
  2. Unzip and rename resulting folder to textformatter_textile. This step is very important!
  3. Upload textformatter_textile folder to your symphony extenstions folder.
  4. In the Symphony backend System | Extensions area, select the "Textformatter: Textile" row and choose Install from the options dropdown.
  5. When you add a "Textarea" field to any of your Sections you can now choose "Textformatter: Textile" as a Text Formatter.
  6. Enjoy the most advanced and superior Text Formatter on the planet.


Version: 1.3.0

Updated to Textile v3.7.6

Version: 1.2.0

Updated to Textile v3.7.2

Version: 1.1.0

Updated to Textile v3.7.1

Version: 1.0.0

Initial release. Uses Textile v3.6.0

Version history

Symphony 2.4 to 2.x.x

  - Textile v3.7.6

Symphony 2.4 to 2.x.x

  - Textile v3.7.2

Symphony 2.4 to 2.x.x

  - Textile v3.7.1

Symphony 2.4 to 2.x.x

  - Initial Release.