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Date and Time3.8.3r

Date and time management for Symphony


Define your own frontend membership system using events and XSLT.

Select Box Link Field2.0.2r

Linking two sections together

Order Entries2.3.8r

Allow drag-and-drop re-ordering of entries.

Email Template Manager7.5.0r

Emails need pages no more

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Just In Time (JIT) Image Manipulation2.0.0r

Image thumbnailer

Field: Multilingual Text Box3.5.14r

The multilingual version of Textbox field.

Anti Brute Force2.0.5r

Secure your Symphony backend against brute force and dictionary attacks

Reflection Field2.0.3r

Populate this field's value using values from other fields in the same entry. Uses XPath and optionally XSLT.

Search Index0.9.5r

Index text content of entries for efficient fulltext search.

Email Newsletter Manager3.6.2r

Powerful email newsletters from within Symphony.

michael-emichael-e6 extensions

Includes CKEditor, a web-based XHTML editor developed by Frederico Knabben. It also has an integrated file browser which uses Symphony sections to get it's files from.


Provide a Dashboard summary screen with configurable panels

REST API1.4.1r

A read/write RESTful API on top of Symphony authors, sections and entry content. Supports XML, JSON, YAML, serialised PHP and CSV output.


Add documentation to your backend

Union Datasource1.2r

The Union Datasource extension allows you to combine multiple Data Sources to output as a single Data Source for the primary purpose of a unified pagination.

Map Location Field3.4.4r

Plot locations on a Google Map. Supports address geocoding.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Filter1.5.0r

Protect yourself against XSS and XSRF attacks in form submissions.

Cacheable Datasource2.5.1r

Improve page performance by caching data source output XML.

Unique Upload Field1.11.0r

Create unique filenames automatically.

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