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Symphony has been a Github user since 16 July 2010 and has released 15 extensions.

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Remote Datasource2.5.0r

A datasource that consumes XML, JSON, CSV or TEXT content.

Unique Text Input Field1.5.4r

Force unique handles


Define your own frontend membership system using events and XSLT.

Maintenance Mode1.9.4r

Temporarily close your site for maintenance

Select Box Link Field2.0.2r

Linking two sections together

Number Field1.7.2r

Dedicated number storage

Debug Devkit1.3.4r

The Debug Devkit allows a developer to preview the XML of a Frontend page. It also includes the page parameters, included XSL templates and provides a navigation for other Devkit extensions (such as the Profile Devkit)

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Filter1.5.0r

Protect yourself against XSS and XSRF attacks in form submissions.

Export Ensemble2.2.1r

Export your Symphony website as an installer package.

Just In Time (JIT) Image Manipulation2.0.0r

Image thumbnailer

Markdown Text Formatter1.21r

Text formatter that ships with Symphony

Profile Devkit1.5.1r

Profile Devkit lets you profile the current page by adding ?profile to the URL.

Field: Email1.2.1d

Works just like a normal Input field, but forces the contents to be a valid Email address and provides a hash value in the XML. This extension deprecated in favour of the Output field.

Advanced Symphony Database Connector (ASDC)1.5d

Efficient database library

Server Headers1.3r

Add $_SERVER values to your XML