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Cacheable Datasource2.5.1r

Improve page performance by caching data source output XML.

Email Template Manager7.5.0r

Emails need pages no more

michael-emichael-e6 extensions
IP Localisation1.1r

Returns a users geo location information, with the ability to override based on URL parameters.

pixelninjaPhillpixelninja11 extensions
Image Preview2.4.0r

Replaces the textual link to the image with the real image

Order Entries2.3.8r

Allow drag-and-drop re-ordering of entries.

Map Location Field3.4.3r

Plot locations on a Google Map. Supports address geocoding.

Field: Multilingual oEmbed1.1.1r

A multilingual version of the oembed_field extension Easily embed videos/images from ANY* website that implements the oEmbed format. See and

Field: Color Chooser1.7.2r

Visually choose a hex color value

Import/Export CSV1.0.1r

Import a CSV file to create new entries for a certain section, or export an existing section to a CSV file.

Field Divider1.0r

Add a divider between fields.

pixelninjaPhillpixelninja11 extensions
Field Group1.0r

Group fields in a row.

pixelninjaPhillpixelninja11 extensions
Duplicate Field1.0r

Easily duplicate a field from within the Section Manager.

pixelninjaPhillpixelninja11 extensions

Transforms html into amp-html via a simple wrapper around [Lullabot/amp-library](


Define your own frontend membership system using events and XSLT.

Date and Time3.8.3r

Date and time management for Symphony

Email Newsletter Manager3.6.2r

Powerful email newsletters from within Symphony.

michael-emichael-e6 extensions

Files in the Workspace folder can be managed and edited. Page XSL templates can also be edited from the Pages page.

Field: Multilingual Text Box3.5.14r

The multilingual version of Textbox field.

Members: Twitter Login1.0.0r

Logs in users usign Twitter oAuth

Members: Facebook Login1.0.0r

Logs in users usign Facebook Log in