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Brendan has been a Github user since 01 April 2009 and has released 14 extensions.

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Meta Keys1.4.1r

The Meta Keys field allows you to add arbitrary pieces of information to entries identified by user generated keys

Union Datasource1.2r

The Union Datasource extension allows you to combine multiple Data Sources to output as a single Data Source for the primary purpose of a unified pagination.

Cloud Storage Field0.2.2e

This field allows you to store your uploads on the cloud using Rackspace's Cloud Files product.


An interface for some of eWay's XML API's. Developers can use this to process payments from custom events.

Custom Field Captions0.4r

Allows you to add helpful hints to fields for your clients

Default Event Values0.6r

Adds the ability to default values for your Events.

PGI Loader0.2e

Provides an common interface for Payment Gateway extensions to extend so developers can interact with a number of gateways using the same API

Indecent Filter0.9r

Filter form input by a blacklist


A Symphony extension that allows a developer to quickly create Sections using JSON


A simple Event Filter to add Contacts to your Highrise account via Symphony events.

Google Blog Search Ping API0.9e

This extension will track when new entries are created in a section and then ping Google with an RSS/Atom or RDF URL.

URL to PDF0.1e

Generate a PDF from your Symphony page

Campaign Monitor0.9.1r

Add subscribers to your Campaign Monitor lists via Symphony events.

Export Entry0.4d

Export a section's entries into a .csv. This extension is deprecated by the Import/Export CSV.