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Marcin has been a Github user since 11 December 2008 and has released 6 extensions.

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Conditionalizer allows to use expressions to conditionally filter a data source by URL parameters ({$param} syntax). The same expressions can also be used to conditionally prevent entries from being saved.

Templated Text Formatters1.11r

Templated Text Formatters allows you to create chains of text formatters as if they were one text formatter and/or create new text formatters based on installed templates. For example, it allows to chain Markdown and BBCode text formatters, so text will be formatted by Markdown first and than by BBCode.

Sort Data Source by Parameters1.2r

Modifies Data Source edit page to allow entering parameters to be used for sort and order options.


Parametrisator allows you to use XSLT and XPath to select data from data-source generated XML, turn it into parameters and add to the parameter pool used by other data-sources.

Improved Page Resolve1.2r

Improved Page Resolve allows you to create index page with parameters and show it without a need to include its path in URL.

Field: Language1.4r

This extension provides language selection field that can be used by data-sources to sort entries in the same order as list of languages accepted by browser. Provides "browser-languages" parameter.