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Multi Upload Field1.6.2r

Allows multiple files to be uploaded to the same field.

Maintenance Mode1.9.4r

Temporarily close your site for maintenance

Email Template Filter1.3.1r

Easy way to send HTML emails

PayPal Payments1.2r

Process and log transactions

Random Entries Generator1.4.0r

A really quick way to create dummy entries for Symphony CMS

Email Newsletter Manager3.8.3r

Powerful email newsletters from within Symphony.

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Debug Devkit1.3.4r

The Debug Devkit allows a developer to preview the XML of a Frontend page. It also includes the page parameters, included XSL templates and provides a navigation for other Devkit extensions (such as the Profile Devkit)


Symphony Query Language lets you query sections with an SQL-like syntax. Useful for writing custom data sources.

Association UI: Selector1.2.1d

Search and select associated entries

Selectbox Link Field Plus1.5r

Linking sections with ease

Continuous Database Integration1.1.2r

Continuous Database Integration is designed to save and log structural changes to the database, allowing queries to be savely executed on other instances

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Remote Datasource2.3.0r

A datasource that consumes XML, JSON, CSV or TEXT content.

Dump DB1.12r

Dump your database into a single SQL-file

Field: Image Upload1.6.6r

A specialized filed for uploading images with min width/height and maximum width/height restrictions.

Markdown Text Formatter1.21r

Text formatter that ships with Symphony

Section Schemas2.1.0r

Reflect section structure (field names, default values, validation rules, tag lists etc.) into page XML.

Meta Keys1.4.1r

The Meta Keys field allows you to add arbitrary pieces of information to entries identified by user generated keys


Provides basic helpers for multilingual projects.

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Entry Versions0.4.2r

Super-easy version history of your entry content.

Entry URL Field1.3.3r

Add a hyperlink in the backend to view an entry URL in the frontend