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Asset Pipeline SCSS Compiler0.2.0r

A plugin for the Asset Pipeline extension.

Backend Assets2.0.1r

Add custom backend assets.

SMS Pilot Sender0.2e

SMS Pilot Sender plug-in for Symphony CMS

PHP Markdown1.0.1r

PHP Markdown Text Formatter

michael-emichael-e7 extensions

Symphony CMS extension for URL's

remieRemie Bolteremie4 extensions
Image URL Content0.1e

A content type for adding images by URL.


Add to the SymphonyCMS details to the SAPI API

abocatiabocati2 extensions

Integrate with the YOURLS directly from your Symphony Entries

Composer for Symphony0.1e

Integrate third party APIs into Symphony CMS using Composer.

Breadcrumb UI0.3r

An intelligent breadcrumb interface with AJAX connectivity.


A Symphony CMS extension that enables the use of the keyboard shortcuts (Currently ⌘+S and ⌘+N to save and create new entries respectively.)

Source Code Content0.1e

A content type for syntax highlighted source code.

Algolia Search1.0.0e

Search your content inside Symphony with a simple interface.

Field drawers0.1.0e

Simple UI to better organize your content edition in Symphony.

Iframe Dashboard1.0.0r

Iframe dashboard for Symphony CMS.

Member IP Address1.0r

Works in conjunction with the Members extension and logs a member's IP Address.

korelogickorelogic2 extensions
Yubikey OTP0.1.0e

Provides a Yubikey OTP field during author login.

Breadcrumb Field0.3r

A new field that lets you link your entries to each other with an intelligent breadcrumb interface.

Doccy Text Formatter1.0r

A text formatter for Doccy, the lightweight markup language for technical writing.

Sections Panel1.0r

Add sections directly to the dashboard, without having to create a separate datasource, or any datasource at all.