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Rowan has been a Github user since 20 September 2008 and has released 9 extensions.

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Composer for Symphony0.1e

Integrate third party APIs into Symphony CMS using Composer.

Header Content0.1e

A header content type for the Content Field.

Doccy Text Formatter1.0r

A text formatter for Doccy, the lightweight markup language for technical writing.

Image URL Content0.1e

A content type for adding images by URL.

Source Code Content0.1e

A content type for syntax highlighted source code.

Content Field0.1e

A field for building structured content, beyond just text and images.

Sections Panel1.0r

Add sections directly to the dashboard, without having to create a separate datasource, or any datasource at all.

Breadcrumb UI0.3r

An intelligent breadcrumb interface with AJAX connectivity.

Breadcrumb Field0.3r

A new field that lets you link your entries to each other with an intelligent breadcrumb interface.