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Search your content inside Symphony with a simple interface.

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Symphony compatibility information for this extension is not available. Please create a new issue asking fhamon to update this extension's compatibility info by adding @min and @max attributes to its extension.meta.xml. Or, fork the repo and add it yourself, you community-spirited developer, you. More info in the metadata schema.


Algolia Search

Find entries super fast. Like, crazy fast.


  • Just like every Symphony extensions. Clone this repo inside /extensions of your Symphony installation and head to /symphony/system/extensions/ to install it.


You need few things in your config.php to get this running.

php 'algolia_search' => array( 'index' => '<YOUR INDEX CODE>', 'app_id' => '<YOUR APP ID>', 'key' => '<YOUR API KEY>', 'default_label_fields' => array('title', 'identifier', 'handle') ),

Note: This is still an experimental extension and I do have intentions to fully release it when the time will come. It's still buggy and only compatible with Symphony 4 alpha 3 and no plans are made to make it retro compatible.

Planned features: - Sync all entries at installation - Custom results template by sections - Feel free to open an issue (or a pull request ;) if you have the best idea in the world

Version history

Requires Symphony 4.0.x