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Subresource Integrity1.0.2r

A simple way to compute base64 encoded sha (256, 384, 512) of assets files used in `link` and `script` tags.

Field: Zip Upload1.0.0r

A file upload that unzip zips.

Field: Multilingual Image Upload2.1.1r

Multilingual version of the Image upload field.

Text Box2.6.1r

The Text Box field is a replacement for both the standard text input and textarea fields. It combines both to create a field that supports text formatting and validation rules.

Asset Pipeline0.1.3r

A system for processing assets.

Language: Russian0.6r

Russian translation for Symphony

Asset Pipeline Stylus Compiler0.1.0r

A plugin for the Asset Pipeline extension.

Field: Image Upload1.6.6r

A specialized filed for uploading images with min width/height and maximum width/height restrictions.

Language: Croatian (Hrvatski)1.0b

Croatian translation for Symphony

diomedKruno Hdiomed1 extension
Email Template Manager7.3.1r

Emails need pages no more

michael-emichael-e6 extensions

Add documentation to your backend


Makes URL parameters actually useable.

Hashid Field2.0.1r

Enables you to add a unique and read-only hash to an entry, generated using the entry ID.

Order Entries2.3.5r

Allow drag-and-drop re-ordering of entries.

Flatty Admin1.3.1r

This extension is an admin flat styling built upon the existing Symphony css. Inspired by admincssoverride by Michael Eichelsdoerfer.

ManausManaus1 extension
Link Preview1.2.7r

Offers a field that will place a link to the frontend in the publish pages

Extension Downloader1.1.2r

An extension that makes it easy to download others extensions directly from the backend. Uses data from

Frontend Localisation2.7.1r

Offers an integrated solution to localise the Frontend of your site and more...

FLang detection gTLDs2.0.0r

Detects the frontend language from .htaccess rules.

Frontend Localisation Redirection2.0.0r

Adds redirection capabilities to Frontend Localisation Extension