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Members Anti Brute Force1.1.2r

Companion to the Anti Brute Force extension. Adds tracking of Members login and password reset.

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Preview Textarea1.2r

Generates a live preview lightbox of the formatted version of a textarea while editing an entry.

Markdown Text Formatter1.21r

Text formatter that ships with Symphony

Workspace Manager B0.1.4r

For Symphony 2.4+. Files in the Workspace folder can be managed and edited.

Tag UI: Selector1.0.0r

Search for already used tags and create new ones using the same UI as the Association UI.

Block user agent1.3.2r

XSL template and Regular Expression combined to help fight old browsers.


Provide a Dashboard summary screen with configurable panels

Dump DB1.12r

Dump your database into a single SQL-file

oEmbed Field1.8.7r

Easily embed videos/images from ANY* website that implements the oEmbed format. See Supported services: - Vimeo - Youtube - Dailymotion - Twitter - Instagram - - Iframely - Flickr - Qik - Viddler - SlideShare - Soundcloud - Mixcloud

Templated Text Formatters1.10r

Templated Text Formatters allows you to create chains of text formatters as if they were one text formatter and/or create new text formatters based on installed templates. For example, it allows to chain Markdown and BBCode text formatters, so text will be formatted by Markdown first and than by BBCode.

Image Index Preview1.4.1r

Displays a small image preview for upload fields on publish index and publish edit pages.

Reflection Field1.4.1r

Populate this field's value using values from other fields in the same entry. Uses XPath and optionally XSLT.

Sir Trevor Formatter1.0r

Text formatter to convert Sir Trevor JSON to HTML.

Unpublished Filter2.2.0r

Greyes out unpuplished entries in the publish overview.

Backend Action1.1.1r

Adds the ability to customize actions in the backend. The extension provides a field that will execute the specified php script when activated.

Localisation Manager2.2.0r

Create and export localisation files to aid translation of Symphony and extensions.

Language: German2.2.0-beta.1b

German translation for Symphony

Composer for Symphony0.1e

Integrate third party APIs into Symphony CMS using Composer.

Editor for Symphony0.3.2e

Adds Editor, the markdown editor by Hsiaoming Yang (, to every markdown textarea field on every entry page.

Can Of Spam2.1r

Protect your forms against spam with a hidden hash-validation-field.