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Date Modified Field1.4.1r

A simple extension of the built-in date field that will record the time an entry is saved. Can choose to display as an editable field, a disabled field, or not to display it at all.


Subscribe users to a MailChimp mailing list

URL Router3.1r

Regex and Simplified Parameter based URL re-routing

Field: Entry Relationship1.0.0r

A new way to create master-details pattern with Symphony's sections.

Author Gravatar1.1r

Adds the logged in users gravatar to the symphony backend page header

azzagazz1 extension
Link Preview1.2r

Offers a field that will place a link to the frontend in the publish pages


Retrieves Home Timeline, Favorites, Mentions, and Retweets from the authenticated Twitter account.

Ben Passmorepassbe3 extensions
Maintenance Mode1.8.2r

Temporarily close your site for maintenance

Cache Management1.2r

Offers a backend page to manage (clear) Symphony's caches mechanism

Dump DB1.11.2r

Dump your database into a single SQL-file

Email Template Manager7.1.1r

Emails need pages no more


Add a static list parameters

bzerangue1 extension
S3Upload Field0.8.1r

Upload files to Amazon's S3 service

XML Importer2.2r

From XML to entries in an instant

Remote Datasource2.1.1r

A datasource that consumes XML, JSON, CSV or TEXT content.

Frontend Localisation Redirection1.2.4r

Adds redirection capabilities to Frontend Localisation Extension


Framework for accessing Symphony via the command line

Page HTTP Caching1.0.2r

Control HTTP caching on a per-Symphony-page basis.


Provides basic helpers for multilingual projects.

Association UI: Selector1.1.1d

Search and select associated entries