1.0.4releasedField: Multilingual Checkbox

The multilingual version of Textbox field.

Clone URLhttps://github.com/DeuxHuitHuit/multilingual_checkbox_field.git

Add as a submodulegit submodule add https://github.com/DeuxHuitHuit/multilingual_checkbox_field.git extensions/multilingual_checkbox_field --recursive




Multilingual Check Box

1 About

The multilingual version of Checkbox field.

2 Installation


  1. Install Frontend Localisation if it's not already installed.

This extension:

  1. Upload the multilingual_checkbox_field folder in this archive to your Symphony extensions folder.
  2. On Extensions page in Admin, install it by selecting Field: Multilingual Check Box, choose Enable/Install from the With Selected menu, then click Apply.
  3. The field will be available in the list when creating a Section.

Version history

Symphony 2.6.x to 2.x.x

  • Fix problem with default state always on

Symphony 2.6.x to 2.x.x

  • Make sure consolidate value does not end up in config.php
  • Fix the bad copy/paste of dFLSavePreferences from Multilingual Text Box (#3)

Symphony 2.6.x to 2.x.x

  • Supported on PHP 7.
  • Fixed parameter to fit the parent method.
  • Fixed update method.

Symphony 2.6.x to 2.x.x

  • Fixed saving an unchecked value.

Symphony 2.6.x to 2.x.x

  • Initial release. Based on the multilingual field.