1.2.2releasedLimit Section Entries

Offers a way to limit the maximum number of entries in a section.

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Limit Section Entries

Github repo: https://github.com/DeuxHuitHuit/limit_section_entries

1 About

Offers a way to limit the maximum number of entries in a section.

  • You can set the maximum number of entries on section's page.
  • A message is displayed on publish page.

2 Installation

  1. Upload the limit_section_entries folder found in this archive to your Symphony extensions' folder.
  2. Enable it by selecting the "Limit Section Entries" under System -> Extensions, choose Enable from the with-selected menu, then click Apply.
  3. You can now limit the number of entries in a section.

3 Usage

Go to section editor.

Original author

The original author of this project is @vlad-ghita. Respect.

Version history

Symphony 2.3 to 2.x.x

  • Do not redirect on POSTS or when 'no-lse-redirect' query string is set

Symphony 2.3 to 2.x.x

  • Fix issue with performance and errors when getting the id

Symphony 2.3 to 2.x.x

  • Fix feedback message (thanks @michael-e)
  • Added missing 'Create another?'
  • Marked as compatible with all 2.x version > 2.3

Requires Symphony 2.3

  • Updated english copywriting (thanks @nathanhornby)

Requires Symphony 2.3

  • Adapt entry create / save message to reflect Section limit.

Requires Symphony 2.3

  • Refactor PHP code to allow external usage.

Requires Symphony 2.3

  • Move Maximum entries input below section Name on section settings page.

Requires Symphony 2.3

  • Initial release