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Use Postmark to send email

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Postmark Email Gateway

  • Version: 1.1
  • Date: 2014-05-19
  • Requirements: Symphony 2.4 or later
  • Authors: Alistair Kearney, Michael Eichelsdörfer, John Porter
  • Maintainer: Symphony Community, https://github.com/symphonists


Uses Symphony's core email API to send emails via Postmark (http://postmarkapp.com). It requires a Postmark account and API key.

Please note that at the time of writing Postmark does not allow bulk marketing emails.


Information about installing and updating extensions can be found in the Symphony documentation at http://symphony-cms.com/learn/.

Via Git

The extension includes Markus Hedlund's Postmark PHP class as a submodule. If installing via Git, be sure to do a resursive clone or initialize and update submodules after cloning.


Once installed, go to System > Preferences and fill in your Postmark credentials. Under "Email Gateway" choose "Postmark" to use this extension as your default email gateway.


This Symphony extension makes use of the Postmark PHP class by Markus Hedlund, which can be found here: https://github.com/Znarkus/postmark-php

Version history

Requires Symphony 2.4

Requires Symphony 2.2