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Deux has been a Github user since 21 February 2012 and has released 34 extensions.

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Google Analytics Dashboard1.0.3r

Google Analytics dashboard for Symphony CMS.

Page LHandles2.10.1r

Offers multilingual support for localised page handles in browser URL.

Date and Time3.6.0r

Date and time management for Symphony

Limit Section Entries1.2.1r

Offers a way to limit the maximum number of entries in a section.

Random Entries Generator1.2.1r

A really quick way to create dummy entries for Symphony CMS

Field: Multilingual Text Box3.5.8r

The multilingual version of Textbox field.

Multilingual Reflection1.1.0r

Multilingual version of Reflection field.

Link Preview1.2.8r

Offers a field that will place a link to the frontend in the publish pages

Frontend Localisation2.7.2r

Offers an integrated solution to localise the Frontend of your site and more...

Frontend Localisation Redirection2.0.1r

Adds redirection capabilities to Frontend Localisation Extension

Field: Multilingual Image Upload2.1.2r

Multilingual version of the Image upload field.

Field: Zip Upload1.0.1r

A file upload that unzip zips.

Subresource Integrity1.0.2r

A simple way to compute base64 encoded sha (256, 384, 512) of assets files used in `link` and `script` tags.

Field: Image Upload1.6.6r

A specialized filed for uploading images with min width/height and maximum width/height restrictions.

Cache Management1.3.3r

Offers a backend page to manage (clear) Symphony's caches mechanism

Ajax Checkbox1.4.1r

Makes the checkbox field editable inline in the table publish view. Value is saved right away.

Field: Multilingual Checkbox1.0.2r

The multilingual version of Textbox field.

Field: Multilingual Tag List1.2.2r

The multilingual version of the classic Tag Field.

Extension Downloader1.1.2r

An extension that makes it easy to download others extensions directly from the backend. Uses data from

FLang detection gTLDs2.0.0r

Detects the frontend language from .htaccess rules.