1.0.0releasedTag UI: Selector

Search for already used tags and create new ones using the same UI as the Association UI.

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Tag UI for Symphony: Selector

Selector provides a search and select interface for Symphony tag lists.


  1. Upload Selector to your extensions folder.
  2. Enable Selector in the backend.
  3. Add a standard tag field to your section.

Please keep in mind that interface only uses existing values. At this point it does not support mixed suggestions. For section based suggestions use the standard Associations UI: Selector


The interface of Selector is based on Selectize by Brian Reavis bundled with the Symphony core and the work done by Nils & Hana Hörrmann on the Associations UI: Selector.

Version history

Symphony 2.5 to 2.6.x

  • First release
  • Based on Nils Association UI: Selector