1.1releasedSitemap XML Ping

Notify Google/Bing when entries in a section relating to the sitemap is updated automatically

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Sitemap XML Ping


  1. Upload the sitemap_xml_ping folder in this archive to your Symphony extensions folder.
  2. Enable it by selecting the Sitemap XML Ping extension from System > Extensions, choose Enable from the With Selected menu, then click Apply.

Use this extension in conjunction with Sitemap XML. Once the sitemap has been generated, you can select the sections that they relate to in the preferences page and whenever a new entry is created or an existing entry is edited, the sitemap will get updated and ping Google/Bing automatically.


On the preferences page there will be a new section called Sitemap XML Ping. This is where you select the sections and input your authentication code. To retrieve this code, go to System -> Authors and either edit your own entry or create a new one specifically for this purpose. You need to check the Allow remote login checkbox and copy the random string at the end of the url (no slashes). Paste the token into the corresponding field in the preferences page.


Due to Symphony not yet having a post delete delegate, the auto pinging won't work when you delete an entry. You will either have to update another entry, or manually ping it in the System -> Sitemap XML page.

Version history

Symphony 2.2 to 2.7

Requires Symphony 2.2