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Multiple file uploads straight in Sections.

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Multiple Uploads

This extension adds multiple file upload facilities to Symphony backend.

It depends on this fork of SelectBox Link Plus.


  • UI for multiple file upload on section index (drag & drop).
  • UI for multiple file upload on entry single (drag & drop).


Take a section called Images with Title (Input) and Image (File upload).

To enable multiple file upload for this section, create a Mapper for this section.

A Mapper is a PHP Class located in /extensions/multiple_uploads/lib/upload/.

Mapper filename: class.SECTION_HANDLEuploadhandler.php
Mapper class name: SECTION_NAMEUploadHandler

Example for Images section:

filename: class.imagesuploadhandler.php
class name: ImagesUploadHandler

Example for Personal attachments section:

filename: class.personal_attachmentsuploadhandler.php
class name: Personal_AttachmentsUploadHandler

There already is a mapper for the Images section. Modify it to suit your needs.

Section index

For each section that has a mapper, on their index page will be added a button to upload multiple files. Use it.

Entry single

This extension provides a field for multiple uploads.

Create a section Events with Title (Input) and Images (SBL+). For Images field, uncheck the Enable Create button checkbox.

After creating the section, add a field called Upload new images (Multiple uploads) and under Related View select Images. Save section.

NB: SBL+ in conjunction with Multiple Uploads used this way are designed to sit under their own Publish tab.

Visit a new entry in Events section and use the interface.

Version history

Requires Symphony 2.3

  • First release.