1.0releasedField: Multilingual URL

The multilingual version of the URL field.

Clone URLhttps://github.com/vlad-ghita/multilingual_url_field.git

Add as a submodulegit submodule add https://github.com/vlad-ghita/multilingual_url_field.git extensions/multilingual_url_field --recursive


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Field: Multilingual URL

1 About

The multilingual version of URL field.

2 Installation


  1. Install URL field if it's not already installed.
  2. Install Multilingual Entry URL if it's not already installed.

This extension:

  1. Upload the multilingual_url_field folder in this archive to your Symphony extensions folder.
  2. On Extensions page in Admin, install it by selecting Field: Multilingual URL, choose Enable/Install from the With Selected menu, then click Apply.
  3. The field will be available in the list when creating a Section.

3 Usage

1_ Add a Multilingual Entry URL field named View on site to Section A (I assume you have a Multilingual Text box with name = Title):

Set a slick value for Anchor Label: {entry/title/item[ @lang='$language_code' ]}
Set a slick value for Anchor URL: /entries/{entry/title/item[ @lang='$language_code' ]/@handle}

2_ Create some entries in Section A.

3_ Go to Section B and add Multilingual URL field to it. In Values select choose View on site from Section A.

4_ Create an entry in Section B. You can swtich between Internal and External links. Internal select will be populated with all entries from Section A in current language of the Author.

For External links, the value must be a valid URI.

If you don't select any sections in field settings, the field will accept only External links.

Version history

Requires Symphony 2.3.x

  • Initial release.