0.3releasedLDAP Authors

Allows LDAP users to login to the administration section of symphony.

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LDAP Authors

  • Version: 0.3
  • Author: Ben Passmore
  • Build Date: 2011-10-05
  • Requirements: Symphony 2.2.3


Allows LDAP users to login to the administration section of symphony. If an administrative users credentials fail, the LDAP Authors extension attempts to authenticate to the configured LDAP server. If successful the extension queries the authors table to find the authors details. If the author does not exist (ie: first time the LDAP user has logged in) the extension searches the LDAP server for the necessary details and adds the author.


  1. Add the ldap_authors folder to your Extensions directory
  2. Enable the extension from the Extensions page
  3. Configure LDAP settings found in your manifest/config.php


  • server the LDAP server IP or Hostname. e.g. ldap.example.com
  • port the LDAP server's port. Defaults to 389
  • protocol_version the LDAP protocol version. Defaults to version 3
  • basedn the Basedn path for your LDAP environment
  • filterdn the filter path for LDAP user lookup. e.g. cn=%username%. Note: this string must contain %username% to search for the target user
  • first_name_key the users first name LDAP key. e.g. givenname
  • last_name_key the users last name LDAP key. e.g. sn
  • email_key the users email LDAP key. e.g. mail
  • default_author_type the default author type of new LDAP users

Known issues

  • changing an authors username and/or password is not possible, as this will de-associate the author from your LDAP environment

Version history

Requires Symphony 2.2.3