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Group fields in a row.

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Field Group

A Symphony CMS extension to group fields in a row.


Sometimes there are groups of fields that would look nicer in a row, either aesthetically or for a better UI, instead of stacked. This solves that.


  • Upload the /field_group folder to your Symphony /extensions folder.
  • Enable it by selecting "Field Group", choose Enable from the with-selected menu, then click Apply.


There are 2 fields, Group Start and Group End. All fields within those will be grouped into a parent wrapper. If there is no Group End field, it will pull out all following fields (including other Groups) so use wisely.

As this groups using Javascript, fields with a different placement will not be included. Make sure each field within a group has the same placement.


  • Add columns option, to allow for a maximum column length within rows.

Version history

Requires Symphony 2.7.x

  • Compatibility with Checkbox field

Requires Symphony 2.7.x