1.4releasedField : Duration

A field that stores duration.

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Duration Field

Duration field for Symphony CMS.

Allows input of duration through duration settings:

  • weeks
  • days
  • hours
  • minutes
  • seconds
  • fractions (of a second)


  • enable / disable usage of each setting. At a very minimum, seconds are enforced. fractions are allowed only with seconds
  • sorting
  • filtering


  • Equality: X
  • Larger: greater than X
  • Equal or larger: equal to or greater than X
  • Less: less than X
  • Equal or less: equal to or less than X
  • Range: X to Y

XML result

<duration timestamp="2044029.75">

Usage in forms

1_ Either send the timestamp:

fields[field-handle] = 123456789.123

2_ Or send desired duration settings. Any missing duration setting will default to 0:

fields[field-handle][weeks] = ...
fields[field-handle][days] = ...
fields[field-handle][hours] = ...
fields[field-handle][minutes] = ...
fields[field-handle][seconds] = ...
fields[field-handle][fractions] = ...

Version history

Symphony 2.3.x only

  • Fixed submit from Frontend

Symphony 2.3.x only

  • Fixed filtering

Symphony 2.3.x only

  • Added settings to field schema

Symphony 2.3.x only

  • Moved timestamp output to element attribute
  • Improved minimum settings enforcing upon saving

Symphony 2.3.x only

  • First release.