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Concatenate & minify Javascript & CSS assets and update Symphony output with the newly compiled SHA1 tagged filename. NOTE: This extension has been deprecated.

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Asset Compiler

IMPORTANT: This extension has been deprecated. (This repository will remain in place so that projects already referencing it don't suddenly have a null git remote).

As an alternative you might want to investigate a Gulp-based build system that can streamline your complete build stage, many are available, I have one myself called Pimms - UPDATE: I now have a version of Pimms pre-configured for use with Symphony CMS, check it out at Symphony-Pimms.

Symphony CMS extension to concatenate & minify Javascript & CSS assets and update Symphony's output with the newly compiled, SHA1-tagged, filename.

  • Version: 1.6
  • Date: 16th August 2013
  • Requirements: Symphony 2.3
  • Author: Chris Batchelor


Asset Compiler scans an XSLT Template (master.xsl by default) for CSS and Javascript assets with an attribute of data-compile='true'. These assets are concatenated (in-order) into a single, minified file and tagged with a unique hash (to ensure fresh caching). Symphony's HTML output is updated, removing any data-compile='true' assets and replacing them with the single, minified file (just before closing </head> for CSS and just before closing </body> for Javascripts).

There are also a checkbox On/Off switches to control whether to serve the compiled assets. Javascript compilation is via an CURL API call to Google's Closure Compiler.

As of Version 1.6 Asset Compiler has support for automatically updating multiple manifest setup config.php files with the updated production filenames to save you having to do it by hand. See FAQs for more details.


  1. Extract files into extension/asset-compiler directory

  2. Enable extension in System > Extensions

  3. Add a data-compile='true' attribute to any <link> or <script> element in master.xsl you wish to be compiled. All other stylesheets and javascripts in the template are ignored.

  4. In System > Preferences click Compile All Assets

  5. Tick one or both of Serve Compiled Javascript/Stylesheet Assets and click Save Changes

Note: the assets can be in any folder under the Symphony root, absolute paths for the domain (e.g. /workspace/styles) are trimmed of their leading / and appended to Symphony root prior to concatenation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I alter the compression/minification level for Google Closure Compiler (Javascript)?

Alter the closure_compression config entry in manifest/config.php. It must be one of the following 3 options: WHITESPACE_ONLY, SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS or ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS. By default it is set to WHITESPACE_ONLY to ensure maximum compatibility.

How do I change which XSLT Template is read? Default: master.xsl

Alter the xslt_template config entry in manifest/config.php, it should be relative to Symphony's root directory

How do I change the stylesheet output directory? Default: styles

Alter the styles_path config entry in manifest/config.php, it should be relative to Symphony's root directory

How do I change the javascripts output directory? Default: scripts

Alter the scripts_path config entry in manifest/config.php, it should be relative to Symphony's root directory

How do I enable support for multiple (symlinked) manifest folders?

(As of Version 1.6): Set multi_config to yes in all your config.php files and then all config.php files will be updated with the new production filename on compilation. Previously this had to be done by hand for multiple manifest setups as only manifest/config.php was updated; now all matchin manifest.*/config.php are updated. NOTE: If you have a multiple manifest setup that uses a different naming convention than the standard manifest.dev, manifest.prod etc (i.e. manifest.*) then you'll need to edit the glob on Line #228 of extension.driver.php for your specific setup.

Version history

Symphony 2.3 only

  • Added option to update multiple manifests with newly compiled filenames. FIXED.

Symphony 2.3 only

  • Removed multiple manifests update option (v1.4) until critical bugs can be overcome

Symphony 2.3 only

  • Added option to update multiple manifests with newly compiled filenames

Symphony 2.3 only

  • Fixed bug with CSS link tag
  • Fixed bug with assets being served with relative filenames

Symphony 2.3 only

  • Fixed bug where 'Serve Javascript' setting was not being remembered

Symphony 2.3 only

  • Switch to data-compile='true' attribute support
  • Switch to on-the-fly processing of Symphony output
  • Old version available in branch xsl-when-version

Symphony 2.3 only

  • Initial release