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Symphony Query Language lets you query sections with an SQL-like syntax. Useful for writing custom data sources.

Sym MarkItUp2r

adds markdown formatting shortcuts and custom functions

Mobile Device Detection1.4r

Detects mobile clients, what device they are using and redirect mobile clients

Union Datasource1.1r

The Union Datasource extension allows you to combine multiple Data Sources to output as a single Data Source for the primary purpose of a unified pagination.

URL Router3.1r

Regex and Simplified Parameter based URL re-routing

XML Importer2.2r

From XML to entries in an instant

Site Preferences1.3r

Manage custom front-end settings in the backend.


XML based frontend routing.

EXSL Function Manager0.6.1r

Convert your extension's PHP functions to EXSL.

ashooner1 extension

Create a fingerprint of the hidden inputs for a given form.

URL Segments1.1r

URL segments as parameters

Advanced Symphony Database Connector (ASDC)1.5d

Efficient database library

Improved Page Resolve1.2r

Improved Page Resolve allows you to create index page with parameters and show it without a need to include its path in URL.

Useragent Details1.2r

Detect user browser/OS details

pixelninja6 extensions
Page Headers1.2r

Customise HTTP headers by standard page output.


adds requirejs amd library to the your Symphony backend

iwyg11 extensions

adds requirejs amd library to the backend

iwyg11 extensions
Image Information0.2r

Provides Iptc and Exif metadata of your uploaded images

Section Schemas2.0r

Reflect section structure (field names, default values, validation rules, tag lists etc.) into page XML.

Database Character Setter0.1e

Migrate any non-utf8 database content to utf8.