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FLang detection gTLDs2.0.0r

Detects the frontend language from .htaccess rules.


Retrieves Home Timeline, Favorites, Mentions, and Retweets from the authenticated Twitter account.

passbeBen Passmorepassbe3 extensions
Asset Pipeline LiveScript Compiler0.1.0r

A plugin for the Asset Pipeline extension.


Provides access to the Symphony core from the command line.


For Symphony 2.5+. Files in the Workspace folder can be managed and edited.

Encrypted Input1.2.1r

Encrypts text fields using mcrypt to keep them safe.

Field Suppressor1.2r

Allows individual fields to be hidden in each section

pixelninjaPhillpixelninja6 extensions
Block user agent1.4.2r

XSL template and Regular Expression combined to help fight old browsers.

Just In Time (JIT) Image Manipulation2.0.0r

Image thumbnailer

Group Lock1.0.0r

Filters backend according to Author Groups

Sym MarkItUp2.1r

adds markdown formatting shortcuts and custom functions

Publish Notes Field1.2.1r

Arrange arbitrary HTML notes

Slider Field1.3r

A slider with a configurable value range that can either be used with a single handle (select a single value) or with two handles (select a value range).

twiroRoman Kleintwiro4 extensions

Offers languages support.

Reflected Upload Field1.2r

An upload field that dynamically renames files (based on values from other fields in the same entry).

twiroRoman Kleintwiro4 extensions

Storing data in the session.

michael-emichael-e6 extensions
System Log Link1.1.1r

Only adds a link to the system log in the backend system menu!

Section Schemas2.1.0r

Reflect section structure (field names, default values, validation rules, tag lists etc.) into page XML.

Entry URL Field1.3.1r

Add a hyperlink in the backend to view an entry URL in the frontend

Entity Diagram1.5.2r

Visualise your sections in an interactive entity/UML-type diagram, or export to Graphviz to print, share and document your projects.