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Field: Image Cropper1.1r

Adds image cropping functionality to upload fields.

Select Box Link Field Combo1.2r

It allows creation of chained selects in Admin.

Force Download1.2r

When this event is attached to a page, it enables the page to force a download.

Autocomplete Tags1.0.1r

Replace the tag list suggestions with an autocomplete widget.

jQuery Date Picker1.4r

Add date picker to all Date fields


Add a little tooltip to each field. Great for documentation!


A datasource that provides XML representing the parent hierarchy. Useful for building breadcrumb navigation.


HTML5 Elements for older IE witout javascript shims

iwygiwyg11 extensions

adds requirejs amd library to the your Symphony backend

iwygiwyg11 extensions

adds requirejs amd library to the backend

iwygiwyg11 extensions
Image Information0.2r

Provides Iptc and Exif metadata of your uploaded images

OpenID Authentication0.3r

Let users authenticate with OpenID


Automatically reloads/refreshes browser when files in workspace are modified.

Symphony Tests0.5r

Easy unit testing support for Symphony.

Resave entries0.2r

Resave your entries after structural section changes.

Indecent Filter0.9r

Filter form input by a blacklist

Doccy Text Formatter1.0r

A text formatter for Doccy, the lightweight markup language for technical writing.

Image URL Content0.1e

A content type for adding images by URL.

Source Code Content0.1e

A content type for syntax highlighted source code.

Content Field0.1e

A field for building structured content, beyond just text and images.