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Symphony Chunks

Backend Views0.1.2r

Use Data Sources to filter entries in the Symphony backend.

Admin CSS Override1.4r

This extension allows to override Symphony's Admin CSS styles by additional CSS rules. It simply appends a custom stylesheet to the head of admin pages.

michael-emichael-e7 extensions
URL Segments1.1r

URL segments as parameters

Entry nav1.0.0r

Fast navigation between entries on Publish single pages.

Author Roles1.2r

Add Roles to Symphony


Convert plain checkboxes to enhanced Bootstrap Switchers.

Facebook Toolkit1.1r

Provide baseline functionality for Facebook applications and Facebook authenticating sites

josephdennejosephdenne1 extension
Cookie Law1.1r

Inject Javascript as soon as the user accepts the cookie law.

Rich Text (Redactor) Text Formatter1.1.1r

WYSIWYG for your text areas

remieRemie Bolteremie4 extensions

Symphony CMS extension for URL's

remieRemie Bolteremie4 extensions
Advanced Symphony Database Connector (ASDC)1.5d

Efficient database library

IE Compatibility1.1r

Adds compatibility for IE7 & IE8 to Symphony CMS.

Data Source Multiplier0.1e

Adds the ability to execute a data source for each value in a list of filter values rather than filtering by all of them.

Custom Field Captions0.4r

Allows you to add helpful hints to fields for your clients


Allow Users to use oAuth as a Login System and provide data-sources for login and data-retrieval. Support is currently limited for the main providers

Client Logo1.2r

This extension gives you the option to replace Symphony's default admin header with an image. It was born out of a desire to allow clients to feel like their CMS is their own.

fawxadam foxfawx1 extension
Content Nagotiation0.1e

Create additional page templates to serve different content types from a single Symphony page.

XSRF/CSRF Protection0.1r

Validates all POST requests on backend were intentional and not part of a forged request.

LESS Compiler1.1e

Compile LESS-files to proper CSS