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Field: Multilingual Text Box3.5.8r

The multilingual version of Textbox field.

Union Datasource1.2r

The Union Datasource extension allows you to combine multiple Data Sources to output as a single Data Source for the primary purpose of a unified pagination.


Track user and system activity


Provide a Dashboard summary screen with configurable panels

Image Preview2.3.3r

Replaces the textual link to the image with the real image

Anti Spam Question2.1.1r

Protect your frontend forms by asking random questions.

twiroRoman Kleintwiro4 extensions
Limit Section Entries1.2.0r

Offers a way to limit the maximum number of entries in a section.


Simple frontend output caching with CacheLite.

Fields: System Dates1.2.1r

Exposes the internal creation and modification dates of an entry (read-only) in the format of a normal date field.

Asset Pipeline SCSS Compiler0.2.0r

A plugin for the Asset Pipeline extension.

Asset Pipeline Less Compiler0.2.0r

A plugin for the Asset Pipeline extension.

Asset Pipeline CoffeeScript Compiler0.2.1r

A plugin for the Asset Pipeline extension.


Provides basic helpers for multilingual projects.

twiroRoman Kleintwiro4 extensions
Asset Pipeline0.2.0r

Asset preprocessing, minification, concatenation and fingerprinting.


Subscribe users to a MailChimp mailing list

FreeGeoIP Service1.0.0r

Returns a users geo location information based off the awesome API

Embeddable Page0.2r

Make a symphony page embeddable in an iFrame via page-types

Association UI: Selector (Materie)1.4.5d

Search and select associated entries (Fork from »Association UI: Selector« with different UI design)

Association UI: Editor (Materie)1.1.3d

Create and edit association inline (Fork from »Association UI: Editor« with different UI design)

Flatty Admin1.4r

This extension is an admin flat styling built upon the existing Symphony css. Inspired by admincssoverride by Michael Eichelsdoerfer.

ManausManaus1 extension