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Block user agent1.4.3r

XSL template and Regular Expression combined to help fight old browsers.

Section Schemas2.1.0r

Reflect section structure (field names, default values, validation rules, tag lists etc.) into page XML.

Markdown Text Formatter1.21r

Text formatter that ships with Symphony

Field: Entry Relationship1.0.3r

A new way to create master-details (parent -> children) relationships with Symphony's sections.

Image Index Preview1.4.2r

Displays a small image preview for upload fields on publish index and publish edit pages.

Sections event2.3.3r

Offers one event to rule all Sections.


Conditionalizer allows to use expressions to conditionally filter a data source by URL parameters ({$param} syntax). The same expressions can also be used to conditionally prevent entries from being saved.

Editor for Symphony1.0.0r

Adds Editor, the markdown editor by Hsiaoming Yang (, to every markdown textarea field on every entry page.

HTML Panel field1.5.2r

A field that allows embedding of HTML directly into the backend

Entry Versions0.4.2r

Super-easy version history of your entry content.

Rich Text (TinyMCE) Text Formatter3.0.1r

WYSIWYG for your text areas

Field: Image Cropper1.1r

Adds image cropping functionality to upload fields.

Time Field2.0.4r

A field for hours, minutes, and seconds; filterable by value or range.

Localisation Manager2.2.0r

Create and export localisation files to aid translation of Symphony and extensions.

Database Synchroniser1.0.0r

Log database changes to easily synchronise structure (sections, fields, pages) development and production databases, without affecting content.

jQuery Date Picker1.4r

Add date picker to all Date fields

Page LHandles2.11.1r

Offers multilingual support for localised page handles in browser URL.

Increment Number1.5.0r

Increments a number each time an entry is shown in a page. Useful for simple hit counters.

Useragent Details1.2r

Detect user browser/OS details

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API Page parser

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