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Page LHandles2.11.3r

Offers multilingual support for localised page handles in browser URL.


Storing data in the session.

michael-emichael-e7 extensions
Meta Keys1.4.1r

The Meta Keys field allows you to add arbitrary pieces of information to entries identified by user generated keys

Entry Versions0.4.2r

Super-easy version history of your entry content.

Text Box2.8.3r

The Text Box field is a replacement for both the standard text input and textarea fields. It combines both to create a field that supports text formatting and validation rules.

Database Synchroniser1.0.0r

Log database changes to easily synchronise structure (sections, fields, pages) development and production databases, without affecting content.

Field: Image Cropper1.1r

Adds image cropping functionality to upload fields.

Sections event2.3.3r

Offers one event to rule all Sections.


API Page parser

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Custom Field Captions0.4r

Allows you to add helpful hints to fields for your clients


Provides basic helpers for multilingual projects.

twiroRoman Kleintwiro7 extensions
Number Field1.7.2r

Dedicated number storage

HTML Panel field1.5.3r

A field that allows embedding of HTML directly into the backend

URL to PDF0.1e

Generate a PDF from your Symphony page

Localisation Manager2.2.0r

Create and export localisation files to aid translation of Symphony and extensions.

Rich Text (TinyMCE) Text Formatter3.1.0r

WYSIWYG for your text areas

Hashid Field2.0.2r

Enables you to add a unique and read-only hash to an entry, generated using the entry ID.

Image Preview2.4.0r

Replaces the textual link to the image with the real image

jQuery Date Picker1.4r

Add date picker to all Date fields

Unpublished Filter2.3.4r

Greyes out unpuplished entries in the publish overview.