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Search Index0.9.5r

Index text content of entries for efficient fulltext search.

Section Hierarchy0.5e

Allows hierarchy view of a section in backend

Section Schemas2.1.0r

Reflect section structure (field names, default values, validation rules, tag lists etc.) into page XML.

Sections Panel1.0r

Add sections directly to the dashboard, without having to create a separate datasource, or any datasource at all.

Sections event2.3.3r

Offers one event to rule all Sections.

Select Box Link Field2.0.2r

Linking two sections together

Select Box Link Field Combo1.2r

It allows creation of chained selects in Admin.

Selectbox Link Field Plus1.5r

Linking sections with ease

Server Headers1.3r

Add $_SERVER values to your XML

Session Monster1.1r

Easily create and remove sessionis by appending values to URLs


Symphony CMS Extension for storing and retrieving key/value settings in a simple and clean way.

Shorten field0.5r

Shorten entry ids to tiny alphanumeric strings (like u8X).


Intelligent per-section redirection rules

SimpleMDE Markdown Editor1.0.2r

Add SimpleMDE Markdown Editor to markdown enabled fields.


Create single entry sections.

Sir Trevor Formatter1.0r

Text formatter to convert Sir Trevor JSON to HTML.

Site Name1.4r

System Preference for modifying the site name

Site Preferences1.3r

Manage custom front-end settings in the backend.

Sitemap Generator1.1.0r

Print a beautiful sitemap of your Symphony site. Perfect for information architects!

Sitemap XML2.6r

Generate your sites sitemap.xml document easily

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