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A/B Split Test1.12r

Incorporate A/B Split testing


Transforms html into amp-html via a simple wrapper around [Lullabot/amp-library](

API Framework1.0.0r

JSON renderer and API framework for Symphony CMS


API Page parser

iwygiwyg11 extensions
Ace Editor0.9.0e

Replaces the text areas used to edit XSL with Ace Editor.

Address Location Field1.4.0r

Geocode an address, then refine the latlng returned for precision.

Admin CSS Override1.4r

This extension allows to override Symphony's Admin CSS styles by additional CSS rules. It simply appends a custom stylesheet to the head of admin pages.

michael-emichael-e7 extensions
Admin JS Override1.0r

This extension allows to override Symphony's admin javascript. It simply appends a custom javascript file to the head of admin pages.

Admin Navigation Icons1.1.1r

Spice up your Symphony admin navigation with webfont icons.

Advanced Symphony Database Connector (ASDC)1.5d

Efficient database library

Airbrake Exception Notifier1.1r

Pushes any exceptions in the log to an Airbrake service.

korelogickorelogic2 extensions
Ajax Checkbox1.5.0r

Makes checkbox fields editable inline in the table publish view. Value is saved right away.

Akismet Spam Filtering1.5r

Spam filter for your events

Algolia Search1.0.0e

Search your content inside Symphony with a simple interface.

Amazon Simple Email Service Email Gateway1.2.1r

Use Amazon SES to send email

Anti Brute Force2.1.3r

Secure your Symphony backend against brute force and dictionary attacks

Anti Spam Question2.2.0r

Protect your frontend forms by asking random questions.

twiroRoman Kleintwiro7 extensions
Archived Filter1.0r

Adds a toggle button to the Publish index to show/hide archived items (hiding by default).

Are you sure?0.6r

Are-You-Sure (Dirty Form Detection)

Asset Compiler1.6d

Concatenate & minify Javascript & CSS assets and update Symphony output with the newly compiled SHA1 tagged filename. NOTE: This extension has been deprecated.