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Don't Drop1.4r

Hides single item publish menu group dropdown-menus

Breadcrumb UI0.3r

An intelligent breadcrumb interface with AJAX connectivity.

Breadcrumb Field0.3r

A new field that lets you link your entries to each other with an intelligent breadcrumb interface.

Language: Italian1.2.1r

Italian translation for Symphony

Typography Text Formatters1.0.2r

Provides PHP Typography formatting for text fields.

Bi-Link Field1.1.1r

A better way to link entries

Static Files Compressor0.2r

An extension for automatically merging, minifying and compressing static files.

mqchenmqchen1 extension
Dynamic Event Redirect1.0.2r

Smarter form redirects.

Campaign Monitor0.9.1r

Add subscribers to your Campaign Monitor lists via Symphony events.

Stop Forum Spam1.0r

Put a stop to registration and comment spam

Static Site Exporter0.4e

Export a Symphony site to flat HTML pages.


A Symphony CMS extension that enables the use of the keyboard shortcuts (Currently ⌘+S and ⌘+N to save and create new entries respectively.)

Zen Coding1.2.1u

Flavours Symphony textarea fields with an incredibly easy-to-use, CSS-like syntax for writing HTML, XML & XSLT code

Collapse Fields1.1r

A simple way to group fields in a kind of toggle panel.

6ui11em6ui11em2 extensions

Intelligent per-section redirection rules

Firebug Profiler1.2r

Debug and profile your pages using Firebug

Export Entry0.4d

Export a section's entries into a .csv. This extension is deprecated by the Import/Export CSV.

Browse DevKit1.0.2r

Browse and view files

Enable Tabkey1.1u


Filter: No Editing of Entries1.0u

Prevents users from editing existing entries via events