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Logs DevKit1.1r

View your Symphony logs

Field: DataSource Select Box0.2r

Relate datasources to stuff like widgets etc. To make sure you never forget to attach your datasources to the related Symphony Pages.

Mass Upload Utility1.0.0r

Allows you to jam lots of Files (that already exist or you upload) into a section. The section must have an upload Field.

Enable CodeMirror1.3r

Enable syntax highlighting on textareas

oleaeOle A. E.oleae1 extension
Header Content0.1e

A header content type for the Content Field.

Default Event Values0.6r

Adds the ability to default values for your Events.

PGI Loader0.2e

Provides an common interface for Payment Gateway extensions to extend so developers can interact with a number of gateways using the same API

Lock Entry0.8e

Lock entry if it's being edited by another author.

andrewmintonandrewminton2 extensions
Extension Installer1.1r

Install extensions directly from the Symphony Admin interface.

Markdown Editor1.0r

Adds a markdown editor to every markdown textarea field on every entry page.

A/B Split Test1.12r

Incorporate A/B Split testing

Symlink Manifest1.0r

Simplify dev/live server workflow.

Lazy Input Correction1.02r

Properly capitalizes input fields and trims whitespace.

Pretty Photo1.0.1r

Adds Pretty Photo to Symphony admin.


reCAPTCHA spam prevention

Text Upload0.4r

Upload Field meets Text Box

Unique link field1.1r

Create a unique URL that lasts for 24 hours (or longer)

Page Prototypes1.0betar

Allows pages to act as prototypes for other pages.

Cookie Monster1.2r

Easily create and remove cookies by appending values to URLs

Akismet Spam Filtering1.5r

Spam filter for your events