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Symphony has been a Github user since 21 October 2010 and has released 86 extensions.

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Subsection Manager3.5.1r

Subsection management for Symphony.

Reflection Field2.0.4r

This field generates values based on other fields from the same entry. Uses XPath and optionally XSLT.

Order Entries2.3.9r

Allow drag-and-drop re-ordering of entries.


Provide a Dashboard summary screen with configurable panels

Search Index0.9.5r

Index text content of entries for efficient fulltext search.

REST API1.4.1r

A read/write RESTful API on top of Symphony authors, sections and entry content. Supports XML, JSON, YAML, serialised PHP and CSV output.


Simple frontend output caching with CacheLite.

Publish Tabs1.3.2r

Add tab groups to entry forms

XML Importer3.0.1r

From XML to entries in an instant

HTML5 Doctype1.3.5r

Convert XHTML to HTML5


Track user and system activity

S3Upload Field0.9.2r

Upload files to Amazon's S3 service

Publish Filtering1.7.1r

Adds keyword search and column filtering to entry lists in the Symphony backend.


Add documentation to your backend

Map Location Field3.4.5r

Plot locations on a Google Map. Supports address geocoding.

URL Router3.1r

Regex and Simplified Parameter based URL re-routing

Cacheable Datasource2.5.2r

Improve page performance by caching data source output XML.

PayPal Payments1.2r

Process and log transactions

Multi Upload Field1.6.2r

Allows multiple files to be uploaded to the same field.

Email Template Filter1.3.1r

Easy way to send HTML emails