Nils Wernernils-werner

Nils has been a Github user since 26 May 2009 and has released 9 extensions.

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Don't Drop1.4r

Hides single item publish menu group dropdown-menus

Dump DB1.12r

Dump your database into a single SQL-file

Enable Tabkey1.1u


Filter: No Editing of Entries1.0u

Prevents users from editing existing entries via events

LESS Compiler1.1e

Compile LESS-files to proper CSS

Rainbow Headline1.9r

Lets you colorize your backend headlines

Readonly Mode1.3r

Prevents your users from changing stuff when they really shouldn't.

SASS Compiler1.1e

Compile SASS- and SCSS-files to proper CSS

XSL Resource Loader0.2r

Enables attaching Resources to the page XSL