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Jonathan has been a Github user since 19 June 2011 and has released 7 extensions.

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Allow Users to use oAuth as a Login System and provide data-sources for login and data-retrieval. Support is currently limited for the main providers

Sym MarkItUp2.1r

adds markdown formatting shortcuts and custom functions

Section Hierarchy0.5e

Allows hierarchy view of a section in backend

Field: DataSource Select Box0.2r

Relate datasources to stuff like widgets etc. To make sure you never forget to attach your datasources to the related Symphony Pages.

Field: S3 Image Upload1.1r

S3 Image Uploads, with cropping and resizing functionality.

Tag UI: Selector1.0.0r

Search for already used tags and create new ones using the same UI as the Association UI.

Log Notifications0.1r

Send an email of new errors which appear within the error log since the last run