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Twisted has been a Github user since 26 July 2010 and has released 15 extensions.

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Author Roles1.2r

Add Roles to Symphony

Backend Add Script1.2r

Adds a hook to the backend so you can easily make JavaScript and CSS adjustments on certain pages.

Button field1.0r

Add a button with an action


Includes CKEditor, a web-based XHTML editor developed by Frederico Knabben. It also has an integrated file browser which uses Symphony sections to get it's files from.


Symphony Chunks

Cookie Law1.1r

Inject Javascript as soon as the user accepts the cookie law.

Force Download1.2r

When this event is attached to a page, it enables the page to force a download.

ID Field1.0r

Because sometimes you just need the ID as a field...

IE Compatibility1.1r

Adds compatibility for IE7 & IE8 to Symphony CMS.

Position Picker Field1.2r

A pixel/percentage picker.

Published Checkbox1.0r

A checkbox that can be used for publishing

Selectbox Link Field Plus1.5r

Linking sections with ease

Status Field0.2r

Store the status and hold a history of previous statuses.


Add a little tooltip to each field. Great for documentation!

Unique link field1.1r

Create a unique URL that lasts for 24 hours (or longer)