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Twisted has been a Github user since 26 July 2010 and has released 15 extensions.

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Published Checkbox1.0r

A checkbox that can be used for publishing


Includes CKEditor, a web-based XHTML editor developed by Frederico Knabben. It also has an integrated file browser which uses Symphony sections to get it's files from.

Button field1.0r

Add a button with an action

ID Field1.0r

Because sometimes you just need the ID as a field...


Symphony Chunks

Author Roles1.2r

Add Roles to Symphony

Cookie Law1.1r

Inject Javascript as soon as the user accepts the cookie law.

IE Compatibility1.1r

Adds compatibility for IE7 & IE8 to Symphony CMS.

Selectbox Link Field Plus1.5r

Linking sections with ease

Unique link field1.1r

Create a unique URL that lasts for 24 hours (or longer)

Force Download1.2r

When this event is attached to a page, it enables the page to force a download.


Add a little tooltip to each field. Great for documentation!

Position Picker Field1.2r

A pixel/percentage picker.

Status Field0.2r

Store the status and hold a history of previous statuses.

Backend Add Script1.2r

Adds a hook to the backend so you can easily make JavaScript and CSS adjustments on certain pages.