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Solutions has been a Github user since 06 May 2011 and has released 7 extensions.

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Duplicate Section1.3.0r

Easily duplicate/clone your section parameters and fields

Anti Brute Force2.1.3r

Secure your Symphony backend against brute force and dictionary attacks

Image Preview2.4.0r

Replaces the textual link to the image with the real image

oEmbed Field1.11.3r

Easily embed videos/images from ANY* website that implements the oEmbed format. See Supported services: - Vimeo - Youtube - Dailymotion - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - - Iframely - Flickr - Qik - Viddler - SlideShare - Soundcloud - Mixcloud

Save and Return/New Buttons1.8.2r

Enables the user to save and return to the list of a section or to save and create a new entry

Static Section1.8.1d

Static Sections simplify the process of editing field collections that should only exist once (or a limited number) in Symphony.

Force Domain Name1.0r

Set a domain name and users will be redirected to this domain all the time